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Painting, Ming period.The most eccentric of the daoist immortals Zhang Guo Lao sitting backwards on his magic mule, holding a fish drum,. Ink and colours on silk. Painted by Xi Hiang Gu. The calligraphy by two chinese artists, signed and sealed.  Ming period.                    Mounted Mounted on scardboard.  Framed under museum glass. 32 x 72. From an old german collection. Acquired in China 1924.

Painting, China, Yuan DynastyKorean Painting (ink and colours on paper) depicting a korean horseman on a kicking horse. 14c. Ex-coll. Baron Masuda. Ex-coll. E. Biedermann. Exhibited 1982 at Fondation Pierre Gianadda, Martigny and published in L'art japonais dans les collections suisses. Framed under glass. 35 x 32. Catalog available

Scroll, Iwasa School, 17th centuryScroll,   painting in sumi, gofun and colours. Seal:  Iwasa. Genroku Period, mid-17th century